Claim 1500 Tokens with Kelp Wallet Airdrop: Easy Steps to Begin💯✅

3 min readOct 24, 2023
Kelp Wallet Airdrop

Are you ready to take advantage of Kelp Wallet's generous Airdrop offer and claim 1500 tokens? Don't miss out on this opportunity.

☺️Here’s a straightforward guide to secure your rewards:

✅Step 1: Download Kelp Wallet

Start by downloading the Kelp Wallet app.

Install the Kelp Wallet

Download link: []

Here's how:

✳️Click on the provided link to access Kelp Wallet on the Google Play Store.

✳️Once on the Play Store, tap 'Install' to download the app.

✅Step 2: Create Your New Wallet

Once Kelp Wallet is installed, open the app to set up your new wallet.

Create new wallet

✳️ Follow the simple on-screen instructions to create your wallet, and remember to safeguard your private keys and recovery information.

✅Step 3: Use My Referral Code

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Kelp Wallet

✅Step 4: Enjoy Your 1500 Tokens

Congratulations! Following these steps, you'll receive your 1500 tokens. Keep in mind that the Airdrop token rewards may decrease as more participants join the promotion, so act quickly to secure your share.

How to earn more tokens

For even more rewards, Kelp Wallet might provide extra tasks to boost your token earnings. These tasks could include:

Complete all the task

1. Join the Telegram Channel:

Stay engaged with the Kelp Wallet community on their Telegram channel for updates and discussions.

2. Follow on Twitter :

Stay informed about the latest news and insights by following Kelp Wallet on Twitter.

3. Subscribe to YouTube :

Subscribe to Kelp Wallet’s YouTube channel for valuable content and tutorials.

4. Complete Gmail Verification Task

Verify your Gmail account as part of the process.

By completing these tasks, you might qualify for additional tokens, increasing your potential rewards.

This Airdrop opportunity offers you 1500 tokens. Keep in mind that the exact value of the tokens you receive may fluctuate based on market conditions, so stay informed about your assets after the Airdrop concludes.

Additional Tips

Go to settings page and copy secret phrase and backup phrases.

Thank you 🙏

Don't let this chance slip away. Follow these simple steps to claim your 1500 tokens with Kelp Wallet and embark on your cryptocurrency journey today!




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