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3 min readOct 2, 2023
Over wallet Airdrop

The Over Wallet Airdrop represents a promotional initiative wherein individuals can secure free Over tokens by undertaking specific tasks like creating an account, confirming their email, following the Over Protocol on social media, and sharing the airdrop announcement tweet.This opportunity is available to users worldwide.The deadline for participation is set for August 31, 2023.The quantity of Over tokens you can receive corresponds to the number of tasks completed.

Overview of Over Wallet :

Over Wallet serves as a mobile application designed for the storage, transmission, and reception of Over tokens. It also functions as a gateway into the Over Protocol, a decentralized ecosystem focused on learning and earning. Notably, Over Wallet operates as a non-custodial wallet, ensuring that users retain full control over their private keys.

It stands out as a secure and user-friendly wallet, featuring an array of capabilities such as staking, airdrops, and DeFi integration. It’s a continuously evolving wallet created by the Over Protocol team and well-supported by an engaged community of users.

Airdrop details

Project Name: Over Wallet

Twitter profile of Over Wallet

Twitter ID: Click here

Participating in the Over Wallet Airdrop

The Over Wallet Airdrop presents an excellent opportunity to acquire free Over tokens and acquaint oneself with the Over Protocol. Participation is straightforward; one must create an Over Wallet account and complete a few basic tasks.

Download the app: Download the Over Wallet on Play Store (or) Click here to visit the page and copy the referral code to install.

Like []

Use the invitation code : (8XLXXW18OK) for additional tokens.

Go to Download
Install the app
Verify your Email id
Climb the invitation bonus
You Will get 1000 points
Go to view your earnings

🔵Following the Over Protocol on Twitter and Telegram.

🔵Retweeting the airdrop announcement tweet.

The more tasks completed, the greater the quantity of Over tokens one becomes eligible to receive.

Benefits of Utilizing Over Wallet

Here are some notable advantages associated with using Over Wallet:

Security: Over Wallet functions as a non-custodial wallet, granting users complete control over their private keys. While this implies that users must responsibly secure their keys, it guarantees fullcontrol over their funds.

User-Friendly Interface: Over Wallet boasts an intuitive and user-friendly design, suitable for both newcomers and experienced users. Its clean interface simplifies the user experience.

Diverse Features: Over Wallet offers a broad range of features, encompassing Over token storage, transfers, staking, participation in airdrops, and integration with DeFi applications.

Engaging Community: Over Wallet is integral to the vibrant OverProtocol ecosystem. This community of learners and earners provides valuable support and a conducive environment for discovering more about Over Wallet and the Over Protocol.

The point is converted to the Over wallet official token at the end of the airdrop

Don’t hesitate any longer; seize the opportunity to participate in the Over Wallet Airdrop today and start earning complimentary Over tokens!

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